The Toilet/Gaurd Tent - Overall Size - 3.93m x 3.93m (12.90ft x 12.90ft) The Toilet/Gaurd Tent - Overall Size - 3.93m x 3.93m (12.90ft x 12.90ft)

The Toilet Tent Featured

This toilet tent can be used near by Reception Tent or simply can be used as a Guard Tent at the entrance of the resort.

Installation - The tent should be installed on a plinth, preferably a raised wooden platform, ensuring minimal impact on the natural environment and flora, and creating an effective barrier against moisture. The foot plates are made so that the tent is securely attached to the platform. All openings are protected by nets and incorporate storm flaps and can be customised as per requirement.


Overall Size - 3.93m x 3.93m (12.90ft x 12.90ft)

Room Size - 2.80m x 2.80m (9.20ft x 9.20ft)

Side Height - 2.40m (7.90ft)

Overall Area - 15.45m² (166ft²)

Room Area - 7.85m²(84ft²)

Apex - 4.45m (14.60ft)


Our Resort Tents are fabricated using only high quality materials. The frames are designed for strength, stability, and durability. The fabrics are heavy gauge canvases chosen for quality, resistance & performance. An important consideration in choosing a tent is the canvas 'weight': GargTents use a canvas whose 'weight' or thickness means that its occupants are not silhouetted by internal lighting at night for all to see.....

  • Shade Fly (Uppermost Roof Layer) : Knitted HDPE monofilament & tape shade fabric offering a UV block up to 97%, 360 g/m², 90% Shade, anti-rot. Slow the velocity of rain and protect the tent body direct exposed to the sun. Colour Beige+Beige
    Option - 340 g/m², Fire Retardant - (AS 1530.2) Flammability Index (range 0-100) 14. Colour - Natural and Beige+White

  • Rain Fly (Lower Roof Layer) : PVC quoted 100% polyester, 520 g/m², waterproof and anti-rot. Protect the tent body roof from rain. Colour - Off White, Sand, Khakhi and Olive Green.
    Option - 650 g/m² double PVC-coated. Flame retardant to BS 7837:1996, BS 5867 part 2 type B, CPAI 84:1995 Sec 6, DIN4102, B1, M2 and NFPA 701. Colour - Off White.

  • Tent Body Canvas (Main Roof and Walls) : 650 g/m² 100% polyester ripstop marquee canvas, water-resistance in accordance with BS 3408:1992, and anti-fungus, specially manufactured to resist the sometimes-inclement like terrible weather. Colour - Off White, Beige, Khakhi and Olive Green.
    Option - 510 g/m²Flame retardant to BS 7837:1996, BS 5867 part 2 type B, CPAI 84:1995 Sec 6, DIN4102, B1, M2 and NFPA 701. Colour - Off White

  • Liners (Roof Lining) : Finest 200 g/m² 100% cotton fabric and comes in a range of color. The fabric can be hand-blocked in distinctive hand-block prints using traditional methods by skilled and experienced artisans in a range of designs and colors or made to your specific needs.. Colour - Off White, Sky Blue, Pink, Pistachio, Dark Green, Red Orange, Maroon, Red, Fuchsia, Navy Blue, Orange, Egg Shell and Yellow.
    Option - Trevira CS (Katty 200 g/m²), inherently fire retardant complies to BS 7837:1996, BS 5867 part 2 type B, CPAI 84:1995 Sec 6 and NFPA 701. Colour - Off White, Orange, Pink, Navy Blue, Cream, Black, Fuchsia, Pistachio and Misty Rose

  • Net (Windows and Doors) : 120 g/m², 50% shade, anti-rot and anti UV. Colour - Black and off White
    Option - Wooden/Glass doors and windows

  • Frame (Structure) : Zinc electrogalvanised sturdy mild steel with a diameter of 48mm, wall thickness 2.0mm. Good for any conditions and areas that don't have rusting issues. Low rust resistance. No tool required to setup the whole structure.
    Option - 304 grade Stainless Steel with a combination diameter of 38mm and 50mm, wall thickness 1.2mm provides useful resistance to corrosion on a wide range of moderately oxidising environments. 
    Option - Wooden legs or partially wooden frame

  • Accessories : Square Tubing (for securing walls to the platform), Tensioning Straps, Standard Zip-up Windows and Doors - Screened with Storm Flaps, Quality Wooden Slider Guy Ropes, Zinc Electrogalvanised Steel Pegs, Curtain Rods etc.

  • Optional : Wooden Decking with C/Z purlin base in case you don't want to build concrete plinth for any reason

As can be seen from the above information, The toilet/gaurd tent is ideally suited for Homes, Retreats, Resorts and Eco tourism operations in environmentally sensitive areas.

it only takes a one hour to erect and it can therefore be pulled down just as quickly.

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