Raj Pole Tent Size : 7.30 meter x 14.60 meter (24' x 48') Raj Pole Tent Size : 7.30 meter x 14.60 meter (24' x 48')

Raj Pole Tent 7.30mx14.60m Featured

At 7.30 meter x 14.60 meter (24' x 48') it is the pole tent to accommodate 110 dining or 170 standing guests. Seating is based on 10 guests sitting around a 5½ft round table with table service (it does not allow for any buffet tables, bars, etc)

This traditional colorful pole tent of India available in multifarious designs with splendid patterns gives a cozy feel as you sit in and enjoy the moments of life.
Suitable for numerous purposes these tents boast of innovative designs and magical color combination. Interior lining is expertly finished by cut and sewn of seven-colored fabric as per design called 'Navrattan'.
Roof and sidewalls consists of three folds of fabric. The external layer is made of 100% colored cotton fabric, the middle layer made of high quality 15oz natural white canvas, which is flame retardant, waterproof and rot proof. The final interior lining is again expertly finished using the same technique as external layer.
What you will find extra ordinary in these tents that all the three layers are detachable! Round shape with doorways and awnings on entrances are all possible.


Size: 7.30 meter x 14.60 meter (24' x 48')
Side Heights: 2.20 meter (7'2")
Apex: 4.50 meter (15")

Perfect for themed parties, Indian, Arabian or Moroccan themes, mid-size weddings, small gatherings, traditional weddings and many more…

Please browse the few photographs below which show views.

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