Raj Pole Bell Ended Tent Size : 12.00 meter x 18.00 meter (40' x 60') Raj Pole Bell Ended Tent Size : 12.00 meter x 18.00 meter (40' x 60')

Raj Pole Tent 12mx18m Bell Ended Featured

At 12.00 meter x 18.00 meter (40' x 60') it is the pole tent to accommodate 230 dining or 345 standing guests. Seating is based on 10 guests sitting around a 5½ft round table with table service (it does not allow for any buffet tables, bars, etc)

As an 12.00 meter x 18.00 meter oval the side canopies are laced together in two sections with a mid section attached, as a round the center section is simply removed, bringing in the two ends and making a breathtaking tented area with a single pole.!.

Extra center sections and main poles can also be added to make even larger marquee.


Size: 12.00 meter x 18.00 meter (40' x 60')
Side height: 2.20 meter (7' 2")
Apex: 6.00 meter (20')

Supplied with separate exterior and interior, scalloping, pole covers, frame work, stakes, leg drapes with silk rope tie-backs allowing flexibility to get just the look you need for your event and canvas storage bags.

Note: the side walls and drapes are independently detachable.

Perfect for themed parties, Indian, Arabian or Moroccan themes, mid-size weddings, small gatherings, traditional weddings and many more…

Please browse the few photographs below which show views.

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Decorative Options

Here you can choose from a wide variety of options that will help to make your tent more like you—unique! There are a number of ways to tailor your tent's look to your taste. There are four elements below to choose.

  1. Base Fabric Color
  2. Motif/Pattern & Ink Color
  3. Border & Ink Color
  4. Valance Shape and Piping Color

Decorative Options for your Tent

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