Raj Frame Tent Size: 2.75 meter X 3.75 meter (9' x 12') Raj Frame Tent Size: 2.75 meter X 3.75 meter (9' x 12')

Raj Frame Tent 2.75mx7.75m Featured

This is the perfect summer outdoor room which can be set up as a poolside cabana or summer lounge. Without side canopies attached the tent can comfortably accommodate seating for 12 people across a long table, ideal for lazy summer lunches.

When supplied with arched doors, organza panels are supplied as standard allowing you to set the scene in an exquisite glowing room at dusk as well as creating an insect free area for your evenings.


Size: 2.75 meter X 3.75 meter (9' x 12')
With Side Canopies: 7.75 meter x 2.75 meter (25'  x 9')
Side Height: 2.20 meter ( 7' 2")
Apex: 3.20 meter (10' 5")

Supplied with separate exterior and interior, scalloping, pole covers, frame work, stakes, leg drapes with silk rope tie-backs allowing flexibility to get just the look you need for your event and canvas storage bags.

Note: the side walls and drapes are independently detachable.

Please browse the few photographs below which show views.

Decorative Options

Here you can choose from a wide variety of options that will help to make your tent more like you—unique! There are a number of ways to tailor your tent's look to your taste. There are four elements below to choose.

  1. Base Fabric Color
  2. Motif/Pattern & Ink Color
  3. Border & Ink Color
  4. Valance Shape and Piping Color

Decorative Options for your Tent

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