Mughal Tent Size: 8.00 meter x 8.00 meter (26'2" x 26'2") Mughal Tent Size: 8.00 meter x 8.00 meter (26'2" x 26'2")

Mughal Tent 8mx8m Featured

Inspired by the glory of great Mughals, this tent is based on the artistry and designing techniques that lavishly blend Persian style with Indian motifs. These tents are walled by a symbolic rampart of cloth and recognized by their size and the splendor of their decoration, both inside and out. The interiors of The Mughal has been beautifully accentuated giving it and impressive look. Special lightening effects multiply the charm by highlighting subtleties of the design.

Versatile in its configuration this royal tent is superbly suited as a permanent or semi-permanent setting for luxury resort accommodations or private estates and event venues looking for an elegant & dramatic point of difference. This architecturally exquisite, four room canvas villa is 8m x 8m with a soaring 4m centre canopy room or the entire space can be used single large room of 8mx8m. Two or more tents can be joined to make larger spaces.

In addition GargTent offers a complete interior styling products whereby all furniture and effects are custom designed and sourced to suits the specific requirements of the client.


Overall Size: 8.00 meter x 8.00 meter (26'3" x 26'3")
Side Heights: 2.40 meter (7' 8")
Lower Roof Height: 3.40 meter (11'1")
Pyramid Apex: 5.00 meter (16'5"')

Erection Method

All frame components are unloaded and laid out in their appropriate positions. First the central pyramid section of the frame is constructed; when this has been completed the inner pyramid lining is attached followed by the outer canvas. The central frame is then raised by means of a jack on two sides and 2 legs inserted, the other end is then raised with the help of two canopy jacks (sold separately) and the remaining 2 legs added.

At this stage the outer frame is added to the central frame starting from 1 corner, when this has been completed the outer roof canvas is added followed by the canvas sidewalls if required. Next the inner linings are attached and finally the drapes are added to the structure if they are required.

The tent is now complete and readies any flooring to be added.

Dismantle Method

The tent is dismantled by following the same procedure in reverse. Please write in case of any question or more info to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please browse the few photographs below which show views.

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Decorative Options

Here you can choose from a wide variety of options that will help to make your tent more like you—unique! There are a number of ways to tailor your tent's look to your taste. There are four elements below to choose.

  1. Base Fabric Color
  2. Motif/Pattern & Ink Color
  3. Border & Ink Color
  4. Valance Shape and Piping Color

Decorative Options for your Tent

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